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  Ishi’s Return Home: The 1914 Anthropological Expedition Story

The story begins in San Francisco with Ishi and Professor Alfred L. Kroeber. The Yana interpreter Sam Batwee had departed and mysteriously disappeared in early October 1911. Ishi’s health, day-to-day coping skills, and acquisition of English are carefully followed during 1911, 1912, and 1913.

The brightest year for Ishi was 1914. The year included the remarkable anthropological expedition back to Ishi’s ancestral territory, with four of his new circle of friends: Alfred Kroeber, Thomas Waterman, Dr. Saxton Pope, and his son, Pope Junior. The struggle for Ishi was how would he deal with the ghosts and demons of his past, especially his tribe’s latest nemesis in life, “One-Eyed Jack” Apperson? How would Ishi fare?

The anthropologists hope to learn how California Indians lived and survived in pre-contact times. But finally we learn more of the ordeals of California’s Indigenous during the protohistoric time (when the white man arrived and what happened then.).

On the evening of May 13, 1914, Ishi and his friends depart from the massive Oakland Mole railroad station, on Southern Pacific’s Cascade Limited “overnight” passenger train. Their destination is Vina, in Tehama County, California, located 114 miles north of Sacramento.

Ishi becomes the lead guide for a trip into the rugged and remote Yahi foothill country. They experience, in all, nineteen days of adventure, turmoil, challenges, discoveries, and some resolution. The group remains in the foothill country until the evening of May 30, 1914, when the sleeping volcano, Lassen Peak, awakens and starts erupting!

Have you ever dreamt of an adventure you could have taken in history? Imagine yourself returning in time with Ishi, and journeying to his places of hiding, his former Yahi village sites, storage cave, and more.

Specifications: 350 pp 8 ½ x 11 Perfect Bound (paper)
357 photos, 29 maps
Appendix & Bibliography & Index

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