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  How Magpie Got His Yellow Bill
Welcome to a magical world where the people, the birds, and animals all spoke a common language in California at “Culloma” (Coloma), just before the 1848 gold discovery days. It’s the story of a sour-tempered magpie, Ah-tah’-tee, and about learning healthful character values for living in speace. Raised with anger and without purpose (place), Ah-tah’tee learned only to “fight back” whenever things didn’t go his way. As the story unfolds, magpie, like Trickster Coyote, becomes a Teacher of what not to do. The adage, told by storyteller Grizzly Bear Heart, rings true, “Attitude is the mind’s paintbrush. It colors every situation.” Generosity (being a giver) rather than greediness (being a taker) becomes the most important value taught. This is a family story, joined with traditional California Indian songs, to cherish and to learn from for many year to come.

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