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  THE HUMAN ALMANAC: People Through Time
The Human Almanac blows the mind because it is about us!It is a unique compendium about American popular culture and subversive news, including “Things we learned about American history that are not true.”
  • Reflections Of Humankind:
      Mankind, Millenniums, and Mars
  • Searching for Humankind:
      Who Am I? Who Made me? What Is The Substance of Humanness?
  • Native Americans:
      Whispering Words and Wounded Knee
  • Languaging Of Humankind:
      Signs, Symbols, And Swastikas
  • Racism Of Humankind:
      Sticks And Stones May Break My Bones
  • Sexuality of Humankind:
      Superiority, Sexism, and Sex
  • Altered States of Humankind:
      Magic, Mysticism, and Metaphysics
  • Understanding Humankind:
      Sacred Cows, Vietnam Tigers, and American Elephants

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