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Books by Richard Burrill
  • Includes what many consider to be some of the greatest, most engaging, and sacred biographies ever told. My Sweet Lord adventures towards a broader faith. Imagine what this world would be if its citizens studied the traditions that are outside their own homelands.
  • Presented for the 21st century reader are the life adventures of Rama, Krsna (Krishna), Zoroaster, Siddthartha Gautama (The Buddha), Jesus, and Prophet Muhammad. They are the epics that explain mysteries hidden since the beginning of time.
  • You may have met someone in your life who has endured real tragedies in their lifetime, yet they are still happy. And if you ask them, “How can you feel that way today?” They invariably respond by saying, “I have my faith for comfort.” This book affords you the opportunity to explore the wisdom of several faiths and to deepen your own faith if you so choose.
  • “If the thing is well said, the man is a genius –and if it is unusually well said, then God said it.”
    –Søren Kiekegaard
  • “I don’t find it any more surprising to be born lots of times than to be born once.”
  • “A person’s reach should exceed his grasp, or else what’s heaven for?”
    –Robert Browning
  • “Truth is one; the sages call it by different names.”
    Rig Veda 1:64.46.

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