New Release Unvanquished: Ishi's Story
Ishi's Time in San Francisco, 1911
Of Survival, Resilience, and Forgiveness

By Richard Burrill

Promotional Statements

  • “The story of Ishi, as related in Unvanquished: Ishi’s Story is
    a tale of the old West which speaks to the modern world. It is
    a drama which resonates on many levels. No one addresses the
    topic of Ishi with the same enthusiasm, and devotion, as does
    Richard Burrill.

      --Paul Bowman, Ethnohistorian Dec. 6, 2022                                                                    

  •  “Regarding Unvanquished, Ishi’s Story (March 25, 2023),
    once again, as I see it, Richard Burrill breathes new life into
    a nearly forgotten history.”

      --Dianne E. Anderson, Portrait Artist, Musician, Avid deep woods hiker and tracker

  •  “Ishi is the gift who keeps on giving,”

                                  --Grayson Sorrels, Ishi Seminar participant

  •  “You’ve made a tremendous contribution with these books to Ishi scholarship.”

                     --Stephen Harrigan, author /screenwriter of the 1992
                       HBO film “The Last of His Tribe,” starring Jon Voight
                                           (as ALK) and Graham Greene (as Ishi)

Richard Burrill's Trilogy of Ishi in His First World

Ishi's Untold Story, Part I & II - 2011

Ishi's Untold Story, Part III - VI - 2012

Ishi's Return Home (2014)


For Parts I-II and Parts III-VI

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Part I-II



Revised and Updated in 2021












Ishi's Return Home: The 1914 Anthropological Expedition Story
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Richard Burrill's Trilogy of Ishi in San Francisco 1911 - 1916

Unvanquished: Ishi's Story in 1911


New 2023 Release

Retail $26.95

For Future Release - Possibly in 2024 or 2025

Manuscript is complete of Ishi in San Francisco, 1911 - 1916.

I've created a Table of Contents (see links below) for the last two volumes.

Ishi belongs to the world!

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Richard Burrill
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